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Brand Guidelines

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The Type


Lumina Alliance’s brand typography is simple, supportive, and easy to navigate. The brand’s typeface duo is Brandon Grotesque (sans serif) and Vollkorn (serif). They were chosen to support each other as one is clean and simple, easy to navigate while the other is warm, compassionate and supportive.
Sans Serif:

Brandon Grotesque

All styles acceptable. Use Regular for body copy and Medium for headers.

Brandon Grotesque is available for download on Adobe Fonts with an Adobe membership, or can be downloaded for free online.



All styles acceptable. Use Regular for body copy.
Digital/E-mail Alternative:

Trebuchet MS

For digital correspondence and internal communication Trebuchet MS may be used if none of the other brand typefaces are available. It is available on most computers and can be consistent from computer to computer. This should NOT be used in printed collateral or external marketing materials.

All styles are acceptable.

The Color

Color Palette

The Lumina Alliance color palette is deep and contrasting, and remains meaningful representing key issues for the organization. The deep indigo is a rich color that offers a base for the brand while the warm light that colors the logo shines brightly. In the secondary palette, teal represents awareness for sexual assault, purple represents awareness for intimate partner violence, and orange represents awareness for teen dating violence.

Here are the color breakdowns for each production format. CMYK colors are used for any basic printed materials (flyers, brochures, documents, menus etc). RGB colors are used for any digital materials (social media, e-newsletters, website, TV advertisements, etc). The web safe colors are similar to RGB and are only used for digital materials. The six-digit code is an easy way to add specific colors when changing web design preferences.

C 95 | M 92 | Y 44 | K 60
R 17 | G 17 | B 52
Pantone 2765 C

C 0 | M 4 | Y 9 | K 60
R 255 | G 243 | B 230
Pantone 7499 CP at 40%

C 77 | M 70 | Y 2 | K 60
R 85 | G 94 | B 166
Pantone 2725 C

C 1 | M 86 | Y 99 | K 0
R 236 | G 77 | B 37
Pantone Warm Red C

C 50 | M 0 | Y 24 | K 0
R 123 | G 205 | B 202
Pantone 3245 C

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