Community Fundraisers

Thank you for your interest in supporting Lumina Alliance by hosting a community fundraising event.

Jar with coins and bills inside and a sticker on front that says "Please Support Our Fundraiser. Thank you!"

Applications for Community Fundraising

To ensure all community fundraising is registered and approved by Lumina Alliance, we require that hosted events for the benefit of Lumina Alliance are approved in advance by our communications staff.

Payment Information

All payments for community fundraising events, regardless of area of support, must be made payable to:

Lumina Alliance
P.O. Box 125
San Luis Obispo, CA 93406

Please note the name of the community fundraising event or fund on the memo line.

Important note: In order for community funding event supporters to receive a potential tax deduction for their contributions, donations must be made directly to Lumina Alliance. For example, if event supporters made payments directly to the person coordinating the community fundraising event and the coordinator, in turn, made one donation of all proceeds to Lumina Alliance, the only donation eligible for a potential tax deduction will be the donation made directly to Lumina Alliance.

Evaluation Criteria

  • Organizational consistency with Lumina Alliance mission, core values, guiding principles, and messaging standards.
  • Compliance with all federal, state, and local laws governing charitable fundraising, including the registration of raffles, the payment of sales tax on auction items, the documentation of in-kind gifts, gift reporting, and gift acknowledgment.
  • Possession of the appropriate permitting, licensing, and insurance
  • Scheduling that complements other Lumina Alliance events or community fundraising events that benefit Lumina Alliance.

Lumina Alliance can assist you by:

  • Offering guidance on event planning

  • Providing a letter of authorization to be used to validate the authenticity of the event and its organizers

  • Approving the use of Lumina Alliance logo

  • Promote the event on the Lumina Alliance website, social media, and e-newsletter using your approved marketing materials as time allows.

  • Providing Lumina Alliance program information as available to distribute at the event

  • Receiving and acknowledging event contributions that are made payable to Lumina Alliance

  • Attending events or partnership photo opportunities as schedule permits

Erika Neel, Director of Donor Relations and Jennifer Adams, Chief Executive Officer pictured with a community member at an event.

Lumina Alliance is unable to:

  • Extend our tax exemption to others

  • Fund or reimburse event expenses

  • Solicit sponsors or event participants.

  • Provide mailing lists of donors, vendors, board members, employees, or volunteers.

  • Distribute event flyers throughout our business offices.

  • Host your event on Lumina Alliance property.

  • Provide media coverage for your event.

  • Provide marketing materials for your event.

Our goal is to assist you in achieving a successful outcome for your event. Thank you for hosting an event to benefit Lumina Alliance. Your concern and support of our mission to empower those impacted by sexual and intimate partner violence is appreciated!

Questions? Contact Debby Nicklas, Chief Philanthropy Officer, at [email protected] or 805-781-6400, x 503.

Co-Branding & Promotion of Community Fundraisers

Community fundraisers are invited to use our logo to promote their event with pre-approval. The logo usage must adhere to our brand guidelines and the logo files are available for download on this site as well.  Please submit your marketing materials for approval before use, by emailing [email protected].

Lumina Alliance is able to help promote your public fundraiser upon request. For Lumina Alliance to promote a 3rd party fundraiser online, we need to receive information about the event and your promotional materials by the 15th day of the month prior. For example, if your event is in January, we need to have the event details and your promotional materials by the 15th of December. We will review the event and materials for co-branding & promotion approval. Please note that we cannot create promotional materials for third-party fundraisers. Pre-approved event materials and fundraisers are encouraged to use our logo for co-branding, and we will also promote the event online. Logo usage must adhere to our brand guidelines. 

If your fundraiser is not approved for co-branding & promotion, we will let you know within 2-3 business days, and you are still more than welcome to host the event, but we won’t be able to promote it on our channels.

Fundraisers approved for co-branding can be listed on our website’s upcoming events page and may be included in our newsletter.

All approved fundraisers will be added to our social media calendar to run twice before the event day if we receive a minimum of two weeks prior notice. We also encourage you to tag us in your posts or stories at any time, and if we are online and able to, we will share those on our stories. Story sharing is available as our capacity allows and isn’t guaranteed.

If you are interested in a promotional photo opportunity to recognize your fundraising efforts and partnership, please reach out to [email protected] to schedule the photo with a representative. We are happy to visit your location within SLO County to take a photo, if we have available staff. We are also always happy to take a photo on site at one of our Lumina Alliance offices. Please specify your preference of locations in your email.

Lumina Alliance staff can be available to participate in your fundraiser as a speaker, an on-site guest, or to staff a booth with agency materials, with advanced notice. We request 2 weeks of advance notice in order to find an available staff member. Due to limited capacity, we cannot guarantee all requests for Lumina Alliance speakers or representatives will be met, but we are grateful for the opportunity and will do our best to meet the need. Email [email protected] to request a speaker, representative, or booth.