You can change their stories.

Mother and child

For 17 years, Ashley* was in an abusive marriage until she finally refused to be assaulted by her husband again. Like many survivors, she suffered intergenerational abuse in her home as a child that continued in her marriage. She was told repeatedly that a woman’s responsibility in her marriage was to endure the abuse.

She suffered until the violence finally forced her out of her home, and she lost custody of her children. Ashley could be your neighbor, friend, or family member. You can help support survivors like Ashely find hope and healing on their courageous journeys.

At any given moment, survivors have the power to say this is NOT how my story is going to end. Your donation can save lives and stop the cycles of sexual and intimate partner violence in our community. When Ashley first started working with a Lumina Alliance therapist, she was suicidal, overwhelmed with
grief from losing her children, and wracked with self-blame and shame. With ongoing therapy, individual and group, she began to heal. She found her internal strength and the power to move forward.

You can help survivors like Ashley change their stories by sending an urgently needed contribution to Lumina Alliance today. Your tax-deductible donation can provide:

$50- Gas card for one survivor to get to work for one week. $100- One month of case management from an expert Client Advocate. $250- One week of emergency shelter for a family of three fleeing violence. $500- Two months of therapy for a victim of sexual assault.

Like Ashley, survivors can endure and thrive with the right support. At Lumina Alliance, we are here to stop intergenerational trauma and help survivors get their lives back.

It is only through generous donations and grants that our work continues. Whether you are a past donor or a new donor, your support is vital to helping survivors like Ashley find the strength to heal and thrive.

We are the only nonprofit agency in San Luis Obispo County providing services to survivors of sexual and intimate partner violence.

Please take a moment to give to Lumina Alliance today. Help us change the story for so many in our community suffering in the darkness. Help us shine the light, like we did for Ashley, to bring strength and hope to those in need.