When you donate to Lumina Alliance, you support critical programs and services for survivors of sexual assault, sexual abuse, and/or intimate partner violence.
A diverse group of women standing together and looking at the camera in an empowered stance.

Stand in Solidarity with Women Everywhere

Around the world, women’s* power is threatened. In Ukraine, Russian troops use rape as a weapon of war to terrorize and subdue. In Iran, women cut their hair to protest the killing of 22-year-old Mahsa Amini, who died in police custody after wearing her headscarf too loosely. In the US, women lost their fundamental, federally protected right to abortion. While these global challenges seem insurmountable, we have the power to take action locally in solidarity with women around the world.

Survivors represent a disproportionate number of people who seek abortions and are more likely to experience unplanned pregnancies, infections, and abuse while pregnant. Discrete, quality, comprehensive care is an essential lifeline for victims that can prevent further trauma by giving them back their power and control.

Freedom from violence and oppression, freedom to make decisions about your own clothing without fear of retribution, and freedom of bodily autonomy are essential parts of a stable, healthy, and thriving community.

By donating to Lumina Alliance, you can promote the independence, health, and joy of local survivors right here in your community.

Lumina Alliance served 1,587 survivors and their loved ones this year, and over 100 victims continue to wait 6–10 months for clinical therapy. Your gift will help meet the rising need. Thank you for supporting our essential work.

Thank you for empowering survivors on their healing journeys and respecting them as experts of their own lives.

We all deserve that.

Jennifer Adams, Chief Executive Officer.

Jennifer Adams, CEO

Courtney Taylor, Executive Committee - Vice President

Courtney Taylor, Vice President

* Lumina Alliance supports all women and all people impacted by sexual and intimate partner violence who have been marginalized due to their gender, including trans women, cisgender women, gender nonbinary people, and trans men. – Adapted from Supermajority

As a nonprofit organization, we rely on the generosity and support of our community to further our mission of empowering those impacted by sexual and intimate partner violence through innovative advocacy, healing, and prevention programs. Thank you for your support.

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